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How to check the existence of XML attributes and elements

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How to check the existence of XML attributes and elements

Postby csochor » Fri Mar 13, 2009 6:50 pm

It is possible to create graph, that read XML and check for existence of some attribute or element? Attribute may or may not have a value, it could be ssd=”” or ssd=”vvvv”.

Yes. You may use XPath functions in the mapping xpath attribute. Function "empty()" is useful in this scenario.

Example input xml:

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        <name ssd="dd">
        <name ssd="">


Example mapping:

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<Context xpath="/employees/employee" outPort="0">
        <Mapping xpath="empID" cloverField="empID"/>
        <Mapping xpath="name/firstname" cloverField="firstname"/>
        <Mapping xpath="name/surname" cloverField="surname"/>
        <Mapping xpath="not(empty(name/@ssd))" cloverField="ssdAttributeExists"/>
        <Mapping xpath="not(empty(ShieldedRecordNotification))" cloverField="ShieldedRecordNotificationElementExists"/>

Example result:

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