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Some components are not loading after server reboot

Postby [email protected] » Thu Dec 07, 2017 5:19 pm

After rebooting the server and starting JBOSS we are getting the following error when running jobs the have a data writer.

Can't create component [Write to Temporary File:WRITE_TO_TEMPORARY_FILE].
Library class org.jetel.interpreter.extensions.ConvertLib does not exist in plugin org.jetel.tlfunction.

Sometimes other components do not load and typically rebooting again resolves the issue.

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Re: Some components are not loading after server reboot

Postby jandikovae » Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:15 pm


Usually, when you see an error message related to a missing library class, it might indicate some java related issue. In order to resolve this, please check the following:

1. What Java version and vendor do you use? I mean, the supported vendor for JBoss application server is Oracle JDK and it is also quite important to have the right java version in relation to the version of JBoss container. For more information please see the following link: http://doc.cloveretl.com/documentation/UserGuide/index.jsp?topic=/com.cloveretl.server.docs/docs/system-requirements-for-cloveretl-server.html
2. What components does it fail on? Are they some special (customized) components that include custom java code? If so, you should also make sure you have JDK installed not just JRE.
3. Have you changed anything related to the classpath?
4. Also, something could have happened during the CloverETL deployment to the JBoss server. Can you please give it a try and redeploy the clover.war to the application server? Please make sure that you have saved a backup of your CloverETL Server before you do any changes in the production system.

If none of the above helps, please provide me with more details, for instance:
1. CloverETL version, JBoss version, Java version
2. Component original name, e.g. FlatFileWriter
3. all.log file located in ${java.io.tmpdir}/cloverlogs

Any other information is appreciated, thank you.
Best Regards, Eva
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