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Monitoring an SFTP server for files

Posted: Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:31 pm
by jsinglet

I need to monitor an SFTP server for incoming files, and trigger a Clover Graph to process them

It doesn't look like I can use the Clover Server File Event Listener for this as it seems to only monitor files local to the server.

Is the only way to use a Universal Event listener and write some Groovy code to monitor the SFTP server, or is there a better way?



Re: Monitoring an SFTP server for files

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 2:36 pm
by vazquezrosariop
Hi jsinglet,

We have just introduced File Event listeners for remote locations in CloverETL 4.4.0 M1, which you can download from our website here. Please remember that since its a milestone version, it should be used for testing environments only.