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Word Documents

Postby amaiolo » Tue Mar 17, 2020 3:11 pm

Is clover able to read Word Documents from a designated folder (and filter through each) and pull the full information from the Word doc out and copy it to a new file? So reading each individual word doc, copying that information and then pasting in to a new file (for example each word document content then lives in one cell of an excel file)?

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Re: Word Documents

Postby bartonv » Mon Mar 23, 2020 11:45 am

Hi Amaiolo,
unfortunately, there is currently no built-in component that would allow for reading Word documents out-of-the-box. However, it should be feasible by leveraging our CustomJavaComponent in combination with Apache POI. This way you can program your own Word reader component and use it in your CloverDX graphs. Unfortunately, providing an example of this approach is out of scope of what CloverCARE Support does within this forum.
Kind regards,
Vladimir Barton
CloverCARE Support

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Re: Word Documents

Postby Tanker62 » Thu Aug 27, 2020 6:54 pm

Okay, that's good to know, I'll give that a try. Thanks for keeping these answers on the forum, and not on a Facebook page or in private support billets, that make everyone ask the same questions constantly...