problem with merge

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problem with merge

Postby hoangnganvy1993 » Sat Sep 15, 2018 3:21 am

I am trying to extract data from a source system, compare it to a previous run, and detect changes with the data intersection task. Then I merge the records that are only in the current source with the records that are only in the previous run (detecting inserts and deletes). however when i have more then 462 records entering the Merge task clover seems to lock up and keeps outputing the tracking log every 30 secons or so with no change in the number of records.
Is this a memory issue or something else? Are there any memory configuration options that help clover?

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Re: problem with merge

Postby cholastal » Tue Sep 18, 2018 3:33 pm


Unfortunately, I don't have enough information to pinpoint the exact root cause of this issue. I will need more information in order to find out. Although, memory issues usually manifest themselves by an error or an exception, it's definitely worth taking a look at it. Depending on whether you're using only a Designer or also a CloverETL Server you can find the configuration at different places. If it is a Designer only project, then the memory configuration is under the Runtime Configuration. If it is a CloverETL Server project please see this article in our documentation.

If increasing the memory doesn't help, please provide me with the following in order to solve your issue. If you don't feel comfortable with posting this information publicly, you can send us an email to [email protected]. This will raise a ticket in our ticketing system which will be used for our communication afterwards.

    1. Is it a Designer only or a CloverETL Server project?
    2. What is your current memory configuration?
    3. What is the exact version number of your CloverETL software? If you have CloverETL Server as well, please specify versions of both, the Designer and the CloverETL Server.
    4. The following log files:
    • Designer - ".log" and "CloverETL.log" both located in <YOUR_WORKSPACE>/.metadata.
    • CloverETL Server (if you have one) - "all.log" located in <TOMCAT_HOME>/temp/cloverlogs/.

Thank you in advance,

Lukas Cholasta
CloverCARE Support

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