not creating a file in the UniversalDataWriter

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not creating a file in the UniversalDataWriter

Postby eyal » Sun Dec 11, 2011 3:46 pm

I made a filter that filer out value to the UniversalDataWriter.
In the file I am creating I print the field names.
In the case where the file didn’t get any value, I want the file not be created.
Who knows how to this?

if i cant disable the creation of the file, how can id delete a file if there was not data writen into it?

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Re: not creating a file in the UniversalDataWriter

Postby jurban » Mon Dec 12, 2011 1:09 pm


the UniversalDataWriter always creates the output file (even if not writing the field names), so you will need to delete the file. There's several options to do that:
- use a JavaExecute component in a following phase, and in the Java code you would check the contents of the file (i.e. "it contains just 1 line") and then delete it with standard Java API.
- use a SystemExecute component and execute a script (e.g. a bash script in Unix environment) that performs the same check as above and then deletes it

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