REFORMAT Component Throwing Null Values in OutPut

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REFORMAT Component Throwing Null Values in OutPut

Postby naveenvijay » Wed Oct 19, 2011 6:50 pm

Hi All,

I am using DATA_READER -> REFORMAT -> DATA_WRITER to Read a File, Reformat it to a desired format and also adding logic to filder records so I do not get this in the output. But I am using the Reformat component to check for logic if the line contains the string I want to filer and based on that condition I am setting the Values for my Output.

The following is my code for Reformat (Java):

public int transform(DataRecord[] source, DataRecord[] target){

String OBJECTTYPE = GetVal.getString(source[0],"OBJECTTYPE");
String USERNAME = GetVal.getString(source[0],"USERNAME");
String NOVALUE = GetVal.getString(source[0],"NOVALUE");
String OBJECTNAME = GetVal.getString(source[0],"OBJECTNAME");
String EVENTDATETIME = GetVal.getString(source[0],"EVENTDATETIME");
String EVENTDESCRIPTION = GetVal.getString(source[0],"EVENTDESCRIPTION");
String RESOURCE = "3";

String FinalObjectName = null;
int i = 0;
String[] UName = null;
String FinalUName = null;

if (USERNAME.contains("\\"))

UName = USERNAME.split("\\\\");
FinalUName = UName[UName.length - 1];
System.out.println("<--PARSED USERNAME-->"+FinalUName);

FinalUName = GetVal.getString(source[0],"USERNAME");

System.out.println("<--USERNAME-->" + UName);

String EDateTime = EVENTDATETIME.replace(".000", "");

System.out.println("<--EDateTime-->" + EDateTime);

if (OBJECTNAME.contains(".aspx") || OBJECTNAME.contains(".css") || OBJECTNAME.contains(".jpeg") || OBJECTNAME.contains(".png") || OBJECTNAME.contains(".JPG") || OBJECTNAME.contains(".gif") )
System.out.println("No Value");

String[] OName = OBJECTNAME.split("/");
FinalObjectName = OName[OName.length - 1];
String TrxnText = "EVENTDESCRIPTION="+EVENTDESCRIPTION1 + "<-->" + "OBJECTNAME="+FinalObjectName + "<-->" + "OBJECTTYPE="+OBJECTTYPE + "<-->" +




catch(Exception ex){
// String errorMessage=ex.getMessage()+" ->occured with record :"+counter;
return SKIP;

The output I am getting is:

My Output Values

Basically if you see the above line. It puts an empty value with delimiter if the filer condition matches in REFORMAT component.

Can anyone help me with this please. IN A NUTSHELL my question is How will I read a TEXTFILE, 2) look for any matches in the line and Filter those lines 3) Output only the lines I wanted.


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Re: REFORMAT Component Throwing Null Values in OutPut

Postby julrych » Wed Oct 19, 2011 9:45 pm

Hi Naveen,

the reason you are not getting any data on output is that you are missing a return statement in the transform() method. The value returned from transform() specifies to which output port should the data be sent. The

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return 0;
will cause CloverETL engine to push the output data to output port $0.

By the way, it seems to me that you could implement the same functionality directly in CTL2 which should make things easier to read. I don't think that you need java.
Jan Ulrych
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Re: REFORMAT Component Throwing Null Values in OutPut

Postby avackova » Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:25 pm

Hello Naveen,
you don't set any values to the output records if the condition matches. If you want just to copy the values from input to output, use defaultTransform(DataRecord[] inputRecords, DataRecord[] outputRecords) method:

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      if (OBJECTNAME.contains(".aspx") || OBJECTNAME.contains(".css")
            || OBJECTNAME.contains(".jpeg") || OBJECTNAME.contains(".png")
            || OBJECTNAME.contains(".JPG") || OBJECTNAME.contains(".gif")) {
         defaultTransform(source, target);
         System.out.println("No Value");
Agata Vackova
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