Query on RunGraph component

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Query on RunGraph component

Postby balaji.venkatachalam » Fri Jul 09, 2021 1:30 pm

I have a query on RunGraph component.
Say there is a main graph GraphA with the RunGraph component whose Graph URL is set as another graph GraphB.

GraphA triggers GraphB with the RunGraph components & capture the output in the Success & Fail component. Once the result is available, the result is notified on a communication channel.

GraphB gets data from multiple databases, joins, reformats, filters & then writes to a Spreadsheet. It's execution is based on a couple of parameters ParameterA & ParameterB.

    Is it possible to pass ParameterA & ParameterB to GraphB from GraphA ? If yes, please share on how it can be done. I did see that the RunGraph component has a property 'Graph parameters to pass'; I tried adding passing values as: ParameterA = ValueA; ParameterB = ValueB. But unable to override the values set for these parameters in GraphB.

    Also when I run GraphA, the log messages for GraphB are not available in Console. Can you please tell me how to see the console log for GraphB ?

Thanks !

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Re: Query on RunGraph component

Postby bartonv » Mon Jul 12, 2021 8:33 am

Hi Balaji,
generally speaking, we recommend using the ExecuteGraph component over the RunGraph component as a general rule. You can think of ExecuteGraph as a successor to RunGraph. In other words, RunGraph is rather obsolete and minimal maintenance and development attention has been paid to this component recently. In other words, RunGraph is an obsolete component that hasn't been maintained for quite some time now so it is prone to cause unforeseen issues in general, e.g. malfunctioning passing of parameters. The reason is that we have developed a similar but more enhanced and powerful component called ExecuteGraph which is considered as RunGraph's superseder (and RunGraph has remained available mainly for backwards compatibility purposes).
So to answer your questions, passing of graph parameters from the parent graph to the child graph via RunGraph (using the "Graph parameters to pass" property) is not working properly. As a workaround, you can either use the ExecuteGraph component or a subgraph if your use case allows for it.
To answer your second question, you can click on the dropdown arrow in the Execution tab in the Designer to get a complete execution hierarchy. Then, just double-click on the graphB which should show the execution log of the graphB in the Console tab.
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Re: Query on RunGraph component

Postby balaji.venkatachalam » Mon Jul 12, 2021 8:52 am

Thanks Vladimir.