Question regarding a transformation

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Question regarding a transformation

Postby evangeloslef » Tue Mar 12, 2019 4:31 am


I am trying to create a unique ID using a specific Date format.
In my graph I use a reformat component.
In my reformat component I have some inputs 2 of them are:
- $in.0.Total --> This is the total number of records that I am passing through.
- $in.0.ID --> This record is null

What I did I created a While statement that I wanted to create a unique value in very spicific way and in that while loop to assign a each ID to the record.

The following is the while statement is what I used in the reformat:

integer i;
integer a;
integer b=getMillisecond(today(),"GMT");
integer c = $in.0.Total;
while (i != c) {

$out.0.ID =""+ getYear(today(),"GMT")+getMonth(today(),"GMT")+getDay(today(),"GMT")+getHour(today(),"GMT")+getMinute(today(),"GMT")+getSecond(today(),"GMT")+b;

The logic into this is that I create an ID using the format (Year,Month,Day,Hour,Minutes,Seconds,Milliseconds)

I set a parameter b that is the Milliseond.

A parameter i that will start from - and go increment by 1 until I get all the values inserted into my IDs.

A parameter c that is equal into the number of records I have so I can run the while statement that many times.

My expectation is that if I had 20 records it will get the first id = 201931232756954 and then it will increment by 1 for all the other records.

My problem is that when I use this while statement is that is assigning the same value (first ID) into all the records.

How to change this transformation in order to make it work as I want?

I attached an example of my output.
ID.JPG (14.7 KiB) Viewed 29 times

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Re: Question regarding a transformation

Postby bartonv » Tue Mar 12, 2019 4:05 pm

Hello Evangeloslef,
I might be missing some crucial parts of your use case but from what you described, it seems there might be an easier way of how to approach this challenge. I am also a little bit on the fence as to how exactly the input data looks like. Therefore, I took the liberty of manufacturing a set of examples demonstrating various scenarios:
  1. incrementID.grf
    I assume that there is a set of data without IDs and the goal is to set the ID on each record with an incremental number at the end. Worth noting is that I took advantage of the sequences feature in CloverDX.
  2. incrementID2.grf
    This is the same idea but without using sequences but a simple incrementing variable inside the Reformat component instead.
  3. incrementID3.grf
    I don't assume the set of data and I only work with the total count. I am using the Normalizer component to create multiple IDs with the desired format based just on the input count of records.
  4. incrementID4.grf
    This is the fourth scenario that I perceived as possibly desired from your question. Again, I assume a set of data without IDs and I also assume that you would want to increment the millisecond "suffix" at the end of the ID. Worth noting is the transformation code of the Reformat component where I resolve the milliseconds separately and then add up an incremental number for each record.
Kind regards,
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Re: Question regarding a transformation

Postby evangeloslef » Wed Mar 13, 2019 8:24 pm

Hello Vladimir Barton,

That was really helpful.
Actually incrementID2 is what I needed and I now understand better how to use it next time.

Thank you for the help,

Evangelos Lefkonikiatis