CloverETL 4.4 Released - December 15, 2016

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CloverETL 4.4 Released - December 15, 2016

Postby pnajvar » Thu Mar 09, 2017 2:36 pm

CloverETL 4.4 expands Salesforce connectivity with new SalesforceReader and Writer components that bring support for complex SOQL queries (function calls, joins, subqueries) and binary attachments.

In this update, we also continued working on Server features—adding support for Remote File Listeners (the ability to watch FTP, SFTP, Samba, and S3 folders) and introducing Task Failure Listeners, an additional automation option for monitoring and recovery of Event listeners. In CloverETL 4.4.1, released February 14, 2017, we've included some maintenance updates and improvements. Check out the release notes for more detailed information.

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About this release: This is a production release. We recommend upgrading to this version from all previous versions. Please be sure to check the Upgrade Instructions for details and the all releases list for Compatibility/Upgrade notes for intermediate releases.