CloverETL 4.3 Released - September 8, 2016

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CloverETL 4.3 Released - September 8, 2016

Postby rkuchta » Mon Sep 12, 2016 1:54 pm

CloverETL 4.3 Helps Developers With Code Debugging and Brings an improved Salesforce Connector

CloverETL 4.3 is out, ready for production deployment. We continue to focus on development productivity and we've improved an important connectivity piece on top.

Code Debugging
In the productivity department, anyone using code within their transformations will benefit from new integrated code debugging features - something you might know from programming IDEs. You can now pause and inspect any piece of your code while its processing data to quickly find why it’s behaving not as you’d expect. Learn more.

Salesforce Connector
We’ve made exchanging data with Salesforce easy. Supporting the BulkAPI (large, batch driven data sets) operations for inserting, upserting and deleting data, CloverETL is now and ideal tool for those who need the power of ETL combined with simplicity of getting data in and out of Salesforce CRM. Learn more.

Find all details in the full 4.3.0 release notes
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This is a production release - a recommended upgrade from any older version. Please be sure to check Upgrade Instructions for details and all release lists for Compatibility/Upgrade notes for intermediate releases.

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