CloverETL 4.3 Milestone 2 Released - August 9, 2016

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CloverETL 4.3 Milestone 2 Released - August 9, 2016

Postby rkuchta » Tue Aug 09, 2016 1:41 pm

Salesforce Connectivity and Improvements To Code Debugging in New Milestone Release

Before CloverETL 4.3 goes to production, we’re releasing a second public preview milestone. With this release we’re introducing new functionality as well as improvements on things that started in Milestone 1.

Salesforce Connector
The long awaited human-friendly connector to Salesforce is here. We made it extremely simple to read, insert, update or delete data in Salesforce without being exposed to any of the underlying complexities.

Additions to Code Debugging

Code debugging was released in previous milestone and is a great productivity tool for developers who use code within CloverETL transformations. We’ve added expression evaluator so that you can watch and inspect expressions while tracing the code. Another great improvement is the support for conditional breakpoints - stop on counter, expression becoming true or false, or simple value change.

Learn more in the full 4.3.0-M2 release notes
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